Welcome to Paraphrase Theatre!

Welcome to Paraphrase Theatre!
So glad you stopped by.  My name is Jonathan Swenson… and I am the guy behind this little adventure called Paraphrase Theatre.  I am both a trained actor and an ordained pastor… and it is my great joy and honor to be traveling both locally and around the country to church events, youth gatherings, national conferences, retreats and other special events…. sharing stories about God’s radical love and placing those stories in the context of real life in ways that are hopefully relevant and meaningful.  Thomas
I am also developing a local troupe of actors and artists here in Cedar Rapids, IA. My hope is that Paraphrase Theatre, on the local scene, will become a community where artists can thrive in authentic relationship with each other, while sharing their love of the arts in ways that affirm, build-up, inspire, challenge, reflect and encourage the gift of life that God has given us.
Please feel free to explore this website and see what Paraphrase has to offer.
TOURING PRODUCTIONS – If you are visiting this website to consider bringing me to your church, conference, retreat or other event, WELCOME!  Please look around the site and see what Paraphrase has to offer. I’m currently touring the country with two dramas: Witnesses and Celebrate the Child - both written by Curt Cloninger and performed with his permission. I’m also available as a guest speaker, teacher, or presenter. For more information please contact me at:
Jonathan Swenson     
Thanks and Blessings!