About Paraphrase Theatre

1para·phrase  \ˈper-ə-ˌfrāz,ˈpa-rə-\
noun - A restatement of the meaning of a text or passage using other
words, phrases and language.
verb  -  To communicate eternal truths in fresh, but faithful ways.

Paraphrase Theatre is the result of Jonathan’s life-long quest to combine his Christian faith with his love of Drama and the Arts.  Having performed his entire life and knowing the joy of working with other artists on a shared vision and goal, he felt the calling to establish a theatre company that will produce drama that is about the business of “Telling Stories and Touching Lives” — faithfully, creatively, relevantly and joyfully sharing the Gospel, while intentionally building authentic and lasting community with the artists, technicians and other volunteers who, together, form the Paraphrase family.

There are two parts to Paraphrase Theatre…

a.    Touring Productions that Jonathan brings to churches, camps, retreats, conferences and other gatherings throughout the country.  He is currently performing two pieces (Witnesses and Celebrate the Child) both written by nationally know Christian playwright and performer, Curt Clonginger. Jonathan is grateful to Curt for taking him on as an extension of his powerful drama ministry of over 25 years. Learn more abut Curt and his innovative drama ministry, by visiting www.curtcloninger.com  .

b.    Paraphrase Theatre in Cedar Rapids – A local theatre company in Cedar Rapids. While Paraphrase productions will vary between faith-based themes, straight secular plays and traditional musical theatre… all of them will be produced and performed in the context of Christian values and Christian community — understanding that our faith is meant to be lived-out in the realities of a broken and needy world. Jonathan has a passion for developing Paraphrase to be a place of authentic and lasting community among the artists, technicians and other volunteers who get involved.