Paraphrase Theatre on the Local Scene, Marion and Cedar Rapids, IA

I love performing in my own town, Marion/Cedar Rapids! If you are a local pastor, youth minister or the leader of any organization here in the Cedar Rapids/South East IA area, please consider bringing me in for a special worship service or event!  We can plan out in advance or, if I happen to be free on an upcoming weekend and you need an extra special “something” in worship at the last moment… we can probably make that “something” happen. Just give me a call at 319-431-9934.

My hope, too, is that Paraphrase will be able to produce local productions from time to time that feature some of the fantastic talent we have in the area.  DVD CoverThe first of these productions, an “enhanced” and extra special version of “Celebrate the Child” was performed in December, 2013.  Be watching for audition notices and other announcements for future events in the months and years ahead.