Resources – Celebrate the Child

This page contains a collection of resources to help you plan for Jonathan’s presentation at your church or event. Some of these materials are ready to use (promotional pictures, for example), others will need you to edit in the specifics for your event and setting.

Promotional Video

For use with video announcements in church, for websites, etc. Can be streamed or downloaded, depending on your organization’s needs.

Press Release

Celebrate the Child Press Release  It is helpful to send/use a photo or two WITH this press release, if sending to media outlets as well as when listing the promotional material in your bulletin and newsletters. Photos can be found at the bottom of this resource page.

Powerpoint Presentation

Service Order for Bulletins and Programs. Share with Musicians and Office/Communications Staff. (To access this group of files click on the words “ZIP file” in this next sentence.)

In this ZIP file you will find all of the documents needed to assist in the “Celebrate the Child” program, along with resources to assist your technical team and musicians.

  • PDF and Word versions of the Celebrate the Child program (both in black/white and color)
    • You can use the PDF version when not needing to make edits and not needing to insert this information into your normal bulletin or handout format. If you are planning to make changes to the program/service for any reason and/or are working this order into your already existing bulletin format, you will want to use the docx format
  • Musician’s Cue Sheet
  • Complete Service Flow Chart
  • Carol Lyrics Used in CTC


*Please Note: Depending on your Microsoft Word version, the above .docx documents’ formatting may be off. Please refer to the pdf’s above for how it should look.

You can use the program as a stand alone piece… especially if I am there for an evening performance that is not tied in with your regular worship…..

* OR… you can include it WITH (in addition to) your regular bulletin and announcements handout/bulletin.

* OR… you can take portions out of this and put them into your regular bulletin or other handouts/system. We encourage you, however, to include the list of characters in the order given here so that people can follow along. This has proven to be helpful.

If you are using Power Point and will have all the lyrics on a screen, you may wish to edit down the program/bulletin to only listing the title of the carols, without the lyrics… and leave the lyrics to the screen. You may be able to cut out a page or two by doing this.

I request that if you are working this service order into your normal bulletin, please still include a small portion of the bio information I provide as well as an acknowledgement that the material is written by Curt Cloninger and performed with his permission. No audio or video recording is allowed, by the way, unless permission is given, by me, ahead of time. This is Curt’s copyrighted material and we want to be sure to honor him.

If we have decided to customize your service or event for any reason (down from the normal 65 minutes and provided songs.. or adding your own elements.. church choir, children’s choir, soloists, bell choir, etc.) let’s be sure we get the correct names and order of the characters and carols. This will help us avoid listing a character that Jonathan is not performing at your event.


Ready-to-customize (with space for date/time/organization information)

CtC 2015 Color ImprintCtC 2015 BW Imprint








Ready to print

CtC 2015 ColorCtC 2015 BW


Pictures and Logos

May be used on posters, bulletins, postcards, etc. to promote your event.

Paraphrase_Theatre_LogoJonathen Swenson Circle




1DVD Front CoverEli the Cantor

ctc-group-text-whiteCelebrate the Child Poster facebook




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