Please know that I often perform at two locations on Sundays… in a morning worship service and also later in the day, mid-afternoon or evening. So if you see a Sunday date you like but it has a booking already, there may still be an option for you at the other time of day.  

You can reach me at 319-431-9934 or

I look forward to speaking with you.  Thanks and Blessings!  + Jonathan


March 20 (Fri)  Two Rivers Vineyard Church  Mankato, MN  Witnesses

April 2 (Maundy Thursday) Ascension Lutheran   Marion, IA  Witnesses

April 3 (Good Friday 6:30pm)  Mission in Christ Lutheran, being held at Strawberry Point United Methodist Church, Strawberry Point  Witnesses

April 15  (Wed, 7pm)  Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Marion, IA   Scribblin’ Grace

April 22 (Wed, 5:45pm Dinner, 6:30pm Program)  St Paul Lutheran Church, Holstein, IA LOGOS Program @ Rosemary Clausen Center & Ridge View Schools  Witnesses

April 26 (Sun, 9:30am) Immanuel Lutheran, Story City, IA  Witnesses

April 26 (Sun)  Trinity Lutheran Confirmation Banquet Speaker  Scribblin’ Grace

June-Sept — Mount Carmel Family Camp and Retreat Center, Alexandria, MN  (Program Director)  — Note: I AM still available for bookings during this time, but in a more limited capacity. Advance planning and communication will help us find a way to make it happen.

June 9 American Lutheran Church, Long Prairie, MN  Women’s Summer Salad Dinner 5:45pm Dinner, 7:15 Witnesses Presentation (open to the public)

October 3 (Saturday)  Resurrection Lutheran, Yukon, OK  Witnesses (In progress)

Oct 4-7 (Sun-Wed am)  LCMC National Gathering, Dallas, TX  (Vendor)

Oct 12-13 – North Carolina Theological Pastor’s Conference  Lutheridge Camp and Conference Center, Arden North Carolina   Keynote Speakers (with my wife, Jana)

Nov. 6-7 (Tentative dates) Western IA Synod LYO Gathering (in process)

Nov 20-22 – Fall High School Conference, E. Central Synod of Wisconsin  (in process)

Dec 5,6 (Sat, Sun) Gloria Dei, Sioux Falls, SD  (Tentative)  (Christmas Show)

Dec 13 (Sun am) Our Savior’s Lutheran Church   Hartland, WI   Celebrate the Child 

Dec 20 — (Sun am) – (Tentative) Luth C. of the Cross, Lag. Woods, CA  Celebrate t/Child

2016 BOOKINGS … 

June 11 (Sat) Mabel Lutheran Church  Mabel, MN  125th Anniversary  Witnesses

Recent Posts


Life is full. God is good.
Life is hard. God is good.

Sometimes, God shows up in powerful and obvious ways.

God is good.

Sometimes, though, I wonder where God is.

God seems unresponsive. Or uncaring. Or uninvolved … at least in the ways I would like Him to be.

In those moments, I need help believing… or trusting… that God is good.  


And yet, I DO believe this to be true.

Even when God seems absent.

So, Lord… I believe. Help my unbelief.

For you ARE …  Good.

This I believe to be true, even when I do not. And this, too, is your gift.

And so… even as I wrestle with faith…
Even when the questions and the void seem bigger than the answers
or my definition of proof…. even then….  I know…  by your Spirit…    I KNOW…    that You …   are good.

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. For you are good.

Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. For you are good.

You are good. You are Good.

You are …  Good.

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