Please know that I often perform at two locations on Sundays… in a morning worship service and also later in the day, mid-afternoon or evening. So if you see a Sunday date you like but it has a booking already, there may still be an option for you at the other time of day.

You can reach me at 319-431-9934 or

I look forward to speaking with you.  Thanks and Blessings!     

+ Jonathan

Feb 16         Grace Lutheran Church             Cambridge, WI         Witnesses

Feb 25        Men’s Night Of Champions       1st Assembly CR, IA   Witnesses

March 8       Riverside Marriage Retreat       Story City, IA            Witnesses

March 12     First Presbyterian                      Mankato, MN           Witnesses

March 19    Redeemer Lutheran Church     Fort Myers, FL          Witnesses

March 23    New Life Lutheran Church         Sarasota, FL            Witnesses

March 26    Peace Lutheran Church            Edgar, WI                 Witnesses

March 30     House of Hope Ministries          Marshall, MN           Witnesses

April 2          Peace Lutheran                         Edmund, OK           Witnesses

April 5          Thanksgiving Lutheran              Bellevue, NE             Witnesses

April 6       Thanksgiving Lutheran              Belleveu, NE            Witnesses

April 6         Christ the Servant Lutheran       Norfolk, NE              Witnesses

April 9          Faith Lutheran                           Columbus, WI          Witnesses

April 13       Ascension Lutheran Church     Cedar Falls, IA         Witnesses

April 13        Lord of Life Lutheran                 Maple Grove, MN    Witnesses

April 18         1st Lutheran Church                Kearny, NE               Witnesses

April 20         Hope Community Church       Cottage Grove, MN    Witnesses

April 23         North St. Mark’s Lutheran       N. St. Paul, MN          Witnesses

April 25-27  Youth Encounter Quake Zone    Wi. Dells, WI             Speaker/Actor

May 4           Living Word Lutheran Church  Alexandria, MN         Witnesses

May 16  Psycho-Social Care Conference  Cedar Rapids, IA Speaker/Actor  Nassif Comm Cancer Center

June 8   (Sun am)   Central Lutheran Church    Elk River, MN      Witnesses

June 20 (Friday)  “Love Like Jesus” Synod Youth Gath. Grand View College, D.Moines

Summer 2014   Mount Carmel Family Camp and Retreat Center  Alexandria, MN 

Aug 11-14 “Raise up A Child” Family Retreat, Mount Carmel, Alexandria, MN

Aug 18-21  ”Calling on the Lord” Elderversity Retreat, Mount Carmel, Alexandria, MN

Aug 25-28 “Name Above All Names” Elderversity Retreat, Mount Carmel, Alexandria, MN

Sept 7-12 “The Book of Revelation” Elderversity Retreat, Mount Carmel, Alexandria, MN

Sept. 12-13 “”Creating Your Spiritual Legacy” Elderversity Retreat, Mount Carmel, Alexandria, MN

Sept 14 am    First Baptist Church Roseau, MN   Witnesses

Sept 20 (Saturday)   First English Lutheran, Bethany Lutheran and Friends in Christ…. hosting at First English Lutheran Church, Menhaga, MN.   Witnesses (7pm)

Sept 21 (Sun 9am)  Faith Lutheran, LIttle Falls, MN  Witnesses

Oct 1 (Wed, 7pm)  Diamond Lake Lutheran,  Lake Benton, MN   Witnesses                                 For directions or more information call 866-944-9687

Oct 5 (Sunday am, 7pm)  Our Savior’s Luth Church  New Ulm, MN   Witnesses    

Oct 5-7   LCMC National Gathering, Des Moines, IA           

Oct 12 (Sunday, 4pm)  Our Saviour’s Lutheran  Callendar, IA     Witnesses

Oct. 19 (Sunday pm)  Come 2 Go Ministries     Fort Wayne, IN   Witnesses

Nov. 16 (Sunday aft)  St. John’s Lutheran  Danforth, IL   Celebrate the Child

Nov. 19 (Wed Eve)  Hope Lutheran + Other Host Churches at St. Bridget’s Catholic Church, River Falls, Wi   Witnesses

Nov 23 (Sun am) Cross Roads Luth Parish  Osage, IA  Celebrate the Child

Nov. 23 (Sun pm)  Discover Church   Brooklyn Park, MN  Witnesses

Nov 30  (Sun, 9:30am) Hope Lutheran Church  Edgar, WI   Celebrate the Child

Dec 3  (Wed)  Praise Community Church  Mason City, IA   Celebrate the Child

Dec 7 (Sun am)  Tracy  Lutheran Church   Tracy, MN  Celebrate the Child

Dec 7 (Sun aft.)   Mount Carmel Family Camp   Alexandria, MN  Celebrate the Child

Dec 12 (Fri)  Christ the Servant Lutheran Church  Norfolk, NE  Celebrate the Child

Dec. 13/14 (Sat/Sun) Thanksgiving Lutheran    Belleveu, NE    Celebrate the Child

Dec 17  Immanuel Lutheran Church  West Dundee, IL    Celebrate the Child

Dec. 10, 21, 24 and 28  are prime dates that are still open for booking the Christmas show.   There may be other open dates as well, depending on the plans for your event.


Jan 2-4     Des Moines Youth Quake,  Des Moines, IA  Keynote Speaker, Actor

Jan 7        Bethany Lutheran Cherry Hills Village, CO  Witnesses

Jan 16-8   St Louis Youth Quake, St, Louis, MO   Keynote Speaker, Actor

Jan 30 -Feb 2   Extravaganza ELCA National Youth Ministries Conference   Detroit, MI                Main Stage Presenter

Feb 6-8      Toledo Youth Encounter Youth Quake, Toledo, OH  Keynote Speaker, Actor

Feb 18  (Ash Wed)   Augustana Lutheran   W. St. Paul, MN   Witnesses

March 4 (Wed)  St. Joseph’s Catholic   Marion, IA   Witnesses

March 20 (Fri)    Two Rivers Vineyard Church  Mankato, MN  Witnesses






Recent Posts

Dropping Your Daughter Off at College…

I have now learned, this being the second of two “drop-off-daughter-to-college” moments, that said activity leads to an entirely predictable chain of events, the details of which can only be outlined as follows:

First, a brief and poorly executed (read “failed”) attempt at fatherly bravado soon folloCait and Kjersten by Tower Moving In Daywed, (approximately 8.4 seconds after beginning the drive away) by an absolutely fascinating and unmatched verbal explosion coming forth from somewhere deep within me… a spontaneous typhoon of emotion, unlike anything else I have ever experienced. A cacophony of sobs, snorts, sniffles… prompted by feelings that have somehow managed to force their way from the knot in my stomach past the basketball-sized lump in my throat to surface through tears, sighs and groans.

At least they are getting out. They need to.

This, in turn, is followed by a rather salty streak of cursing … rather blue and impressive, if I say so myself … words that seldom escape my lips, yet there they are.. in full force in this moment. Yet, somehow, I think God is cool with this. He understands. He’s been there & done that with the whole… “giving away your kid” thing. He gets it. And this, too, needs to get out.

And then, not timed– but when the time is right… all of this concludes, eventually, with a strange flood of overwhelming pride and peace and even excitement.. as a heart-soothing gratitude begins to settle the moment… buoyed by vivid memories and becoming strong through Spirit-led prayers of joy and thanksgiving that God chose me, of all people, to be “Dad” to these two incredible young women. And a thanksgiving, too, that God STILL lets me co–parent with a woman of such class, grace, wisdom and relational brilliance whose inner and outer beauty is so clearly passed on to her girls.

Kind of hard on a father, these initial moments of parting.

And kind of completely wonderful.

The intensity of emotion in these moments,for all parents, reveals the beauty and the pain, too, of the journey that has been taken the past 18 + years. It — again, the emotion — is a needed and deserved catharsis to the most challenging but most rewarding time of our lives.

And then… as one emerges from the initial emotional storm, you realize there is a gift to be opened, and you remember that it is time to do some flying yourself!

So… I lean to my wife, and I speak these words, feeling slightly younger than I did a few hours ago… “Here we go, Jana. Come fly with me again. Like we did 20+ years ago. Let’s fly again, my love.”

And so the NEW flight begins…J & J BACK IN THE DAY

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