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WITNESSES   Witnesses is the Gospel of Jesus Christ told in ways both humorous and serious, comedic and deeply reflective. You will laugh, cry and see the never-changing truth of the Gospel portrayed in fresh and meaningful ways. Written by actor and playwright Curt Cloninger, and performed with his permission, Witnesses is the main drama that Jonathan performsaround the country.  (Click on the poster image below to visit the WITNESSES page on this website. Once there you will see photos, a promo video and additional information regarding this inspirational production, View the TESTIMONIALS page as well!)  

CELEBRATE THE CHILD for Advent/Christmas  This is a great presentation for Advent, Christmas and the first few weeks after Christmas. (It can be great at other times of the year as well!)  A service of Characters and Carols that is sure to inspire and to help attendees experience the joy of Jesus’ Birth in a whole new way, with added depth, joy, laughter, tears and meaning.  Written by Curt Cloninger and performed with his permission. Jonathan also shares a very special message at the end of this presentation that helps bring the Christmas story home in personal and powerful ways.    (Click on the poster image below to visit the Celebrate the Child page on this website. You’ll find more information and video samples from this delightful program)  

VISITING HOURS –  Written by Curt Cloninger, the author/playwright who wrote both WITNESSES and CELEBRATE THE CHILD, “Visiting Hours” is the newest drama to be staged by Paraphrase TheatreSet in a hospital, this is an intimate and meaningful look into the ways God works through each person’s gifts and story to bless the whole community. Works well in churches, hospitals or any care-giving setting. Also used as a training or thank-you event for professional caregivers, health-workers and anyone involved in lovingly ministering to those in crisis or need.  (Several clergy who have seen all three of these dramas have stated that Visiting Hours if their favorite of the three!)

(See the Survivor Story Page on this Website) 

SCRIBBLIN’ GRACE  (No separate link or page for this one) – A lively combination of teaching, drama and group participation that unpacks the basics of Christianity and explores & clarifies the relationship between Grace & Discipleship. Great for youth and/or adults and can take place in worship, a youth/family night or retreat or conference.


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